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1. Real name: Morie Hiroshi (森江博)
2. Date of birth: 1968.01.22
3. Place of birth:
Amagasaki, Hyogo
4. Blood type: B
5. Height: 175 сm
6. Zodiac: Aquarius
7. Status in the band: bassist
8. Place of living: Tokyo
9. Record Label: МRecords

"…On bass – HEATH!"

Bass-guitar! What can be played without bass-guitar?
Anything can be played without anything, but without bass-guitar you play nothing.
(c) Patrick Pfeiffer, professional bass-guitarist, composer and music teacher

What can non-professional think about musicians playing bass-guitar? Nothing determined. Bassists are noticed rarely, only when they want it themselves at one moment. All bassists just have one little secret: they leave central place of the stage to other band members quietly because they have more important things to do. It might be pleasant to stand in the middle of the stage in lights of main projectors, in front of people's eyes, but it more pleasant to run a music. Bass is music heart beating, base united all other instruments. Without any fear to lie or make a mistake one can say definitely - bass moves the music being in the very its center. Just not everyone guesses it, but let it be in order... 

Phantom of X. Such a title for first long article about heath in Shoxx magazine.
Phantom, man in a mask, riddle.
So who is he?

Let's go back to far (or not so far, depends on you) 1968. Not so big city Amagasaki, Hyogo prefecture. In Morie family long-expected addition, on January 22d a second child was born, it was a boy and he was given a name Hiroshi. Typical beginning for typical biography. But let's not hurry up with conclusions.
At first sight, Morie family is very usual: father, mother, two sons, but in fact the matter was quite different. The common hobby for Morie spouses was music, particularly - rock. Hobby was so strong and overwhelming, that little by little it spread on children. And it was not surprising in situation when music was constantly playing and house was full of different music instruments and notes of any kinds.

Following the laws of genre, grown-up brothers (Tetsuya is four years older than Hiroshi) formed home-made cover-band, specializing mostly on playing The Beatles music. Repertoire was chosen by elder brother, he decided who and what was doing in the band. Hiro was given bass-guitar. But the work didn't go father than that home playing. That situation kept until Hiroshi together with his mother and elder brother visited Van Halen concert held in Osaka. At that time Hiro studied at 4th grade of junior school. That concert influenced on teen so much as that was the first moment Hiroshi thought deep about tying his future life with music. He dived into hard rock, endlessly replaying records of such famous western rock-bands as KISS, Queen, Motley Crue, and bassist Nikki Six from Motley Crue became his favourite musician, kind of idol. Working up after school he bought his first disc Machine head, one of the albums of famous British rock-band Deep Purple. Inspired by Nikki's playing, Hiro began to learn music seriously, and his first fully copied song was Smoke on the water from that disk.

The beginning of his musical career, kind of starting point, is considered to be year 1986. Hiroshi took nickname heath and together with his friends, or maybe even classmates, NOV and AION formed his first band PARANOIA. The band played the type music that was popular at that time and presented something average between hard-rock and punk. The band used visual style and became quite popular; they performed in night clubs and not big live-houses pretty successfully. PARANOIA even released debut album on July 10th, 1987, it was titled Come from behind. Couple of years later after first band disbanding heath suddenly turned into vocalist and for some time he performed in such role with Beat Sweet band.

To 22 heath completely formed as quite technical, purposeful bassist, and he gained a firm hold with intention to become musician. But that didn't free him from necessity to work up wherever it's possible while being in the band. To 1990 provincial band reached maximum success in its level went running off itself. Hiroshi faced the problem: in order to develop further alters both personal and geographical were needed. At that critical moment of his life he met to hide, lead-guitarist of X. One friend invited Hiroshi in Nippon Budokan where final band's concert of Rose and Blood Tour was held on May 31st, 1990. heath was charmed by charisma of the band and its music. And also he saw by his own eyes the things that can be reached and the things he had to intend to. The same friend introduced heath to his friend, lead-guitarist hide who invited Hiroshi to after-party, and there he got an opportunity to communicate with rest members of the band. Since that hide and heath had been good friends.

In couple of days heath returned home. Later he frequently called hide and asked for advices of him as elder friend and more experienced musician. During one of those calls hide said by: "While being to Tokyo, drop in". May be heath misinterpreted hide, it means he understand them word for word. Put down the phone, he picked his things as many as not big sport bag was enough and taking two bass-guitars he went to station to buy ticket on Tokyo shinkansen. Tickets for reserved seats on next train were sold out and all three hours he had to stand.
Three and half hours after telephone talk heath called to hide back and asked how he could get to his place. It's worth saying that Matsumoto was quite banged with such speed of his friend but didn't reject his own words and welcomed heath until he found his own accommodation.

By such unusual way heath moved to Tokyo in critical moment of his career - playing in Osaka he achieved everything that he could achieve in that time and in that place. In order to develop he needed to move to capital city. In one interview heath shared his memories about that quite adventurous act: "Going to Tokyo was a kind of challenge to fortune. I got used to rick and I always act like this. To play in Osaka is to play in Osaka, but moving to Tokyo means get an opportunity to become famous".
hide helped him to rent a flat. After a while when heath faced to problem of finding a job, he helped again. According to some information hide got Hiroshi to Beauty Prada parlour as visagist.

For some time heath communicated with hide's friends and met with necessary people and already in October 1991 he played together with Kyoshi in Sweat Death band later re-named into MEDIA YOUTH. At the same time heath worked in one more project called Majestic Isabelle in which he was one of the creators and inspirers. And while being in that band he met members of X again, yet on the stage of Extasy Summit 1991.

It seemed that everything went fine in Hiroshi's career and life, but invisible threads tied his fortune to hide's one, and it meant to X band. In the beginning of 1992, more correct on January 31st, X announced that bassist Taiji Sawada left the band and at that time the band looked for musician to replace him.

The official competition to replace vacant place of bass-guitarist was announced. The requirements were quite interesting: it didn't matter what style future band member would play in, the most important thing is that his individual features and stage image would fit the band. Funny thing: despite the fact that conditions said that the band looked for man, many women sent their demo-records either.  
Near May hide called to heath and the latter understood that hide invited him to have drink. One of questions had hazy meaning and sounded like: "Why don't we join our sounding?" hide often spoke ornate and misunderstandable for people, so heath couldn't even guess that hide invited him to participate in that competition.

And really, why would person with his own stably developing band and without any interests of career changing participate in such competition. heath heard from his friends that X looked for new bassist but didn't even think to offer himself. So he just agreed to meet and have a drink. They met and drunk hard spending in friend's talks all night. But in the morning hide pull heath to rehearsal.
heath had a strong headache and he was really nervous. The rest of X however were not less nervous. It was planned to play 5 songs:  Standing Sex, Blue Blood, Endless Rain, Joker and Sadistic Desire. Taking into consideration hard hangover it was understandable that mistakes are quite difficult to be avoided.  Moreover we can say that every right played note was kind of feat. Despite missing notes and lack of playing synchronism amongst rehearsal members, hide and Pata decided that if heath could play in such state, he is really cool. Brave person. Leader also said for.

Yet before the evening came X members decided to welcome heath in the band. But when they called to him and said "come to play with us", quite surprised heath answered that he needed time to think. He was bound with some duties, and also with that MEDIA YOUTH, the band he was currently played in, had serious plans for the future. But, in the end, two weeks later he made a decision to join X. The main argument was that he really liked to play with guys and that at the rehearsal, as it may seem strange, there was fun. So, in his 24 he made a great career jerk by coming in pretty famous band.

Right after that heath moved to Los Angeles where renewed band started recording new song Art of life. Also in America on August 24th, 1992 at 6 p.m. in Rockefeller center, New York, the famous press-conference where heath as new bassist was presented to public was held. Also there was announced about title changing: X officially turned to X (See more – )

We need to abstract from chronology and say couple of words about heath's character and also about his visual style in the band.
Thanks to gothic elements stage image of new bassist fited to band's new image which in 1992 changed from aggressive and punk to more still. Though make-up and costumes went on shock with their unusualness, wild Mohawks were gone, they were changed with long curls and fantastic hair-cuts (if we speak about lead-guitarist particularly). Costumes got their completeness of idea what joined images of all musicians in one indivisible picture.
What's about the character, amongst fans heath is considered to be the most unsociable, taciturn and shy. And that his role in the band was the most insignificant because of his age (he is 4 years younger than hide, and 3 years than others.) The opinion is unreasonable wrong.

In the beginning while fans didn't accept him as full member of the band heath had not to show off on the stage. Later that image became usual, but behind the scene he partied equally to other members. And what the photosets with hide for Arena37, GIGS, Band and others are worth!
It's not surprising that heath and hide became so close friends that both of them were eager to different tricks. They often went on tours amongst the Tokyo bars. So don't be misled by his keeping silence in the interviews. It doesn't say anything. Not without reason the leader of the band characterized his second bassist as "destructive typhoon with local acting that is able to drive anyone who's near out of his wits". "Silent provocation" is right definition for second bassist of the band.

Interesting facts, heath likes to be photoed without make-up considering that photos are more impressive, but beside this he remains the only one member who still keeps to visual style on the stage. It's known that heath likes ice-cream and adores everything sweet. On backstage photos and videos Hiroshi is hardly can be seen without cigarette, he prefers the brand CASTER MILD. Also it's known that in 2002 he had a dog - charming long-haired dachshund called Qoo.

In music, as hide, heath prefers more hard sound. It's worth noticing that after his coming to the band X's sound changed much and became more hard-rock like.

Solo career of heath began on February 22d, 1995 with release of box titled modestly heath. In box there was a CD of first album with the same name, video with PVs and their makings and also scores. The issue of limited edition was 50 000 copies and it was sold out immediately.
It's worth saying that heath being close friend of hide recorded that album under LEMONed label.
On October 7th 1996 heath released a single with lovers of labyrinth song that became the theme for quite popular anime Detective Conan and at once after releasing it reached the first position in Oricon charts and remained their for a week. In November official site heath-OPERA HOUSE was opened, in a month it was re-named to heath Secret Base.
On February 19th, 1997, second single Traitor was out and also it was charted in Oricon. Later the song was used as music theme in TV serial and computer game.

On September 22d firstly mail-delivery of the official heath's site, and then Yoshiki, hide, Pata and heath announced officially about X ending. Disbanding influenced badly on all members being good friends before, and following scandal discredited the band amongst many fans. Tense relationships of ex-leader and ex-vocalist leaded to fans divided, and in order to stabilize the situation official representatives announced about farewell concert planned on December 31st.
heath kept friendly relationships with other members of the band.

On December 27th, 1997 VHS HEATH ALL OF FILMS 1995.02.22-1997.12.27 was out and it was, in sense, the compilation of clips and makings. On April 22d, 1998 maxi single Crack yourself was released.

In the beginning of the May, 1998 hide passed away, and took with him all the hopes for X reuniting.
However sad for Hiroshi the loss of close friend was, but life went on and on July 10th, as it had been planned, second solo album GANG AGE CUBIST was out.
Together with other friends and colleges of hide on August 14th, 1998, heath as solo artist took part in tribute concert MIX LEMONed JELLY’98. He played with Kaz on guitar (ex. hide with Spread Beaver), Ju-ken on bass (Gackt JOB in future). In November Hiroshi performed at hide Seva Children-Aid, charitable concert in memory of hide. Together with Pata and I.N.A (ex. hide with Spread Beaver) in May 1999 heath participated in song Celebration recording for tribute album hide TRIBUTE SPIRITS.

In autumn 2000 heath, Pata, I.N.A and JO:YA (vocal) founded a project called Dope HEADz. On February 21st, 2001 the band released first single GLOW and already on April 25th second single TRUE LIES was out, after that the band began DopeADDICTION tour with concert in CLUB CIRCUIT. Debut album of the band titled PRIMITIVE IMPULSE was released on June 6th the same year. The band performed much and successful and appeared on TV in musical shows like Hey! Hey! Hey!.
Despite the obvious success in 2002 JO:YA left the band to make his solo career, and next album Dope HEADz recorded with new vocalist. It was Shame, and new album was out on July 24th. In August the band took part in next annual concert hide presents MIXLEMONed JELLY, October they went on PLANET OF THE Dope tour to support second album with the same name.
But that line-up didn't exist long. In February 2003 it was officially announced about suspending the activity because of members being busy in other projects. So it's considered that activity on that project is not stopped, but only temporary frozen. Unfortunately, the band is still in such state.

On December 29th, 2003 heath together with Shin (Suzuki Shinichiro) formed another project with title RATS. The band worked for only 8 months and officially disbanded on August 29th, 2004 after releases, though, maxi-single Traitor. The main song was re-recorded heath's song released earlier. As bonus dick contained DVD with official bootleg of concert and interview.

Bit later, in 2004 heath together with Issay, former vocalist of Der Zibet, formed another project Lynx. The rest members are Say-Ichirou (guitar) and Matarou (drums). The main concept of the band is only live performing what makes non-Japanese fans very sad. Judging by short videos laid on official site, the band has a great creative potential.

Beside the concert activity, Lynx was noticed in photosession for fashion trade of youth fashion label SEX POT ReVeNGe.
While working in Lynx, heath went on his solo work. So, from 2005 to 2006 he released four singles that were sold by means of his official shop at OHP. Single SKIN was out on April 14th, 2005 and next year yet two singles COME TO DADDY and THE LIVE were out, and on August 25th fourth single solid was released.

On February 24th, 2007 the big solo heath's concert heath one-man GIG "Desert Rain" was held, which Kazuno (ex-Moi Dix Moi) played on bass in. And on guitar played ... Pata. His appearance on the stage kept in secret till very beginning of the concert, and it was a kind of surprise to fans.

In February 2007 it became known that Yoshiki and Toshi made up after long time quarrel lasted for 10 years. They began a work on joint project, the song in memory of hide and on X reunion. Later that information about reuniting of the band was confirmed and on October 22d, 2007 in Odaiba Aqua City new PV on new song I.V. was shot. Of course, heath took part in shooting as full member of reunited X.

On March 28th, 29th, 30th, 2008 again after 10 years under Tokyo Dome roof words sounded: Welcome to our Tokyo Dome show. Thank you for being here. We'll show you the place where dreams and life become one. Memorize this time that we were spend together and keep us in your hearts. Introducing X JAPAN!.. JAPAN… JAPAN…
On bass – HEATH!

The band gave three concerts after long break and on May 5th performed almost concert, whole 70 minutes, at hide memorial summit.

In future in breaks between dates of X's world tour, heath plans to play in USA together with his friends The Underneath.

To be continued...

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