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[2008.09.17] Yoshiki interview in Hong Kong

I.1-8: Interviewer 1-8

I.1: Hello, Yoshiki. I was in the Tokyo Dome…
Y: Yeah, I can tell *points at X JAPAN t-short interviewer’s wearing*

I.1: Yeah, I’ve told you changed my life, yes.
Y: *laugh*

I.1: Today I’m… it’s really my dreams come true. When I was a secondary student, this is the first album, I bought. *shows the cover of X JAPAN’s album*
Y: Oh my God, “Jealousy”. Yeah.

I.1: About 17 years ago. Once when I was a child I’ve dreamt you’d come to Hong-Kong. Now you announced two days and the band. This is very-very exciting.
Y: Thank you, I’m very excited.

I.1: Yes, I’ve been in Japan in Tokyo Dome and I’ve seen the stage…
Y: uhm

I.1: It was very great. *in Japanese:* Watashi wa bikkuri..mashita.
Y: Hai.

I.1: So the stage – is it your idea about the construction of the stage? It’s very huge.
Y: Yes. The entire concept is my idea, but small details… I had so many advisors and supporters and so many people working on this, yeah.

I.1: So what about this depending Hong Kong, the stage – is it the same as Tokyo dome was?
Y: I’ll try to do that, try to match the impact, but we have to vary together … the venue size and everything so Tokyo Dome might be little bigger, so we’ll not be able to bring everything but try to have the same impact what we … .

I.2: Yoshiki, welcome to Hong Kong. I am so glad that you recovered and now thank you for the world tour. So how is everyone, how’re your other members? And when are you going to rehearse for the tour?
OK. So I just… couple days ago I’ve talked to Toshi, Heath and Pata. Yeah, they are doing fine; they are very excited as well. When I’ll start rehearsing… when I’ll start rehearse… *thinks* …very soon, yeah. I still kind of recover from the injury so… yeah. *points at his neck* may be next month or so. Yeah, ‘cause our first show of world tour… well I mean in France… November 22nd this year.

I.2: So soon will be rehearsing?

I.3: Hi Yoshiki. Are you happy with three concerts held in Tokyo Dome and do you think you’ve played the concerts very well?
Tokyo Dome?

I.3: Yes.
Yes and no. Ah… It was great to… ah… meet, you know, new fans, old fans. That was the best thing happened in past ten years, but… ah… we… I don’t know, our condition was not perfect, so for the world tour I think we can perform better so… yeah.

I.4: Do you think that before the tours… will you have something special to prepare? Will you do something prepare for yourself?
Yes, because I haven’t recovered 100%. So I’m doing a lot of work to have strong… I have to create strong body for the world tour. Ah… also… it’s the first time… I should come to think of it! X JAPAN never performed outside of Japan, it’s the first time. So we have to prepare mentally. *smile* But I’m not have success for… ‘cause I’m just doing to Taiwan. Last year I went to Paris. I just came here you and I met those fans. It’s gonna be… ah… I .. *quietly:* how to say? Yeah… and I feel like I can do a great concert, because our concert we create together, not only X JAPAN’s members, so we create with fans, so it’s gonna be great.

I.5: Hi Yoshiki. Do you have more X JAPAN new songs? You’ve mentioned before at the press-conference, you’re composing some new songs…

I.5: …and preparing your new album. This is very exciting for us.
Yes, because before the Tokyo Dome shows, or not – before we united I didn’t know… because I haven’t seen Toshi, the vocalist, for a long time. He was doing some kind of healing music, like very soft music. So I didn’t know if he could scream hard or not, so… But after we did the united concert in Tokyo Dome, so I realize he can do even better. *laugh* So our new songs gonna be pretty hard, I think. Yeah.

I.6: And how about the album? When would the date of releasing? Will it be soon, this year?
I would say… early next year.

I.7: (...) question in Chinese
Yes. I would  try to …. promotion in Los Angeles, but progressed to try here.

I.8: (…) question in Chinese
Y: Yes. Because even though we’re touring so many places, performing in so many places, for some audience that’s a one time show. So I use entire of my energy for the each show, yes.

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