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[2002.02.23] Yoshiki Interview on Korean TV
Question - Q.
Yoshiki - Y.

Q. 1: …
I have no band, you know… *makes a helpless gesture* over yet, so I have to check it out, but… am… there are so many people with their support.. am… they are very passionate and everything, yes. I’m… I mean, I love it! I love it, that’s great… am… Yeah, great. So far – so good! *smiles* Yeah.

Q. 2: … (something about fans)
Oh, I completely miss them! Completely. Am… And it was very interesting like… am… I seem, there was no long time or seem like worry and nervous just like yesterday. So interesting. Am… Yeah, I missed them a lot and I told them, I wanna come back on the stage as an artist this year.

Q. 3: …(something about X JAPAN)
Well, X JAPAN was my life. Am… so... then… X-team… my life… but I have, you know… I… I know, I have to move on, face all that’s in my mind then … yeah… When I talk about my life past and fu… forward future too, I… I have to talk about X-JAPAN first any way out of my life, then still.  

Q. 4: …
I don’t know! *smiles* If… ah… I think we are, we are all… I’m so lucky… we got great fan… am… I don’t know. I just… we just tried to create great music. Or at the same time you’re trying to build art, all of make up a lot of like more ….…, certain impact for our visual at the same time, but, yeah, our main focus’s of course the music, then… So a lot of people liked our music and still like our music. That’s great. That mind …? …, but I don’t know. That’s very interesting. All I can say is “thank you”!  And I’m so lucky.

~live video~

Q. 5: …
Sure. Am… I talked to PATA, I talked to Heath, am… I… I haven’t talked to Toshi yet. A… hide… you know, that… so, am… yeah…

Q. 6: … (question about hide)
Am… It was very-very hard. Very hard. Am… I don’t know, I didn’t get over it still. Am… then…almost 4 years… and still, am… When you like somebody so… that’s the reason I declined a lot of interviews after hide’s, you know, death, so almost two years I didn’t show up at all, I didn’t have any appearance. Am… But recently like our dating ah… Last Live show on the video all sold as X JAPAN film gig… am… I realized that I have to move on, so even I miss him so much still… And I have still cried… I mean a lot of time when I hear X JAPAN song.

Q. 7: …
Well, I say not. I try to create a lot of work in my imaginary world… am… so… sometime I’m a main, you know, actor or something like that in an imaginary world, but sometime it’s just, you know… I don’t know! I mean a lot of thing, ah… When you talk about something like life, thing is kinda black, I use myself as component like material. But when you talk about, I don’t know, not love… well, I think between 50% and 50%. 50 per cent from my real actual life and 50 per cent from imaginary world, something like that.

~live video~

Q. 8: …
It depends… am… sometime I’m trying… I try to create some songs like, you know, sometime I have after deadline or something, just like create inspiration for, you know, just that’s almost desperately. But sometime just, I don’t know, eating or just taking shower or something I just get somehow a melody. The way I compose is pretty much like old style, like Mike Glasgow style, like I don’t use an instrument, just a music score and pen. So that way don’t have any limit. When you play the piano, play the guitar something to compose like you have limit, you know, but ah… the way I write that just music score and pen. So…

Q. 9: …
Hm, I started play the piano first when I was am… 4. Am… for some reason I started playing drums am… when I was… t..ten, yeah. I think nine or ten… No, I think nine or ten. Am… I don’t know, you know, both instrument is just have to get some, you know, piano or drums – you can pick the sound, so there’s some kind of similarity those instruments. But I also play the guitar… guitar or a little bit… I also play trumpet as well. Yeah, for 5 years, I’m… I was not great, but… *laugh* yeah, I play a little bit on everything, but my main instruments are drums and piano.

Q. 10: …
Well, if I have to choose? Ah… Piano, yeah. (He says it in such soft gentle voice…*^_^*)

Q. 11: …(may be something about drums, there’s a word «POWER» in the question)
Very interesting question! *smiles broadly* Am… I don’t know, yes, you know, passion, and you have to believe like, you know, you are… I mean, when you believe something you can comply that and make it. If you think you can not do it, you never can, so you have to believe. Then… entirely 5 times in a minute, ah…I don’t know it stood fast as could be, you know, somebody may got to play much faster now-a-days, I don’t know. Yeah…

Q. 12: … (question about merrage)
Well… First of all I have to find the partner, right? You can’t get married by yourself. *laugh* Am… I wanna think about it when I’m… when I meet somebody… somebody that… I mean, I will not think about that, when I have to meet somebody.

Q. 13: …
Ok, I have a very-very big project called VIOLET UK, which I have been working on… I don’t know… 7 years or so. I started recording VIOLET in X JAPAN age. A.. I’m planning on releasing album on VIOLET UK am… summer this year. This should be worldwide release, I mean, it could be worldwide release am… it depends. So I think that’s my focus right now.

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