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[2007.01.02] Transcript of a part of Japanese TV talk-show “Zubari” with Yoshiki
Y - Yoshiki
F - Oba-san
MC - both men

Tetsya Komuro and Takki (as the guests)

From the translator: I skipped some parts here and there, so the time is in the brackets to help you keep track of it.


F : Let us see if it is a good time for you to have activities. When did you go to America?

Y : More than 10 years ago.

F : Ano ne....you big idiot! You're really an idiot!

M : Suddenly her opinion of him changed. Why did you call him an idiot?


F : You idiot. What were you doing in a rush then? Ano ne...10 years have passed by...

Y : 10 years.

F : An absurd amount of money came in for 20 years, and it was thrown away in about eight years.

M : (ramble ramble ramble)

F : But it's fine now. From this year onwards, please be active.

Y : From this year onwards.

F : Ano ne... there is a huge change (daisakkai) in your destiny.

Y : Hai.

F : When you escape that, you might fall sick, or lose everything, but at the right time you stopped music. And you went to America. This is a very good thing. But you kept on going there, so please come back here.

Y : Hai.

F : Then, increase your power and go around Europe or something.

Y : Hai, hai.


F : Nowadays...Komuro-san, as well as Yoshiki-san, this class of people, everyone has entered a tunnel. (Some rumbling which I can't catch.)


F : But at the time when you emerge from the tunnel, right on time you'll be doing a big activity, right?

Y : Hai.

F : Please do it.

Y : (Probably he's agreeing that he will do it this year.)

F : You have to do it!

Y : Firstly, you are doing it because it's so far-fetched, so your body… ah, it's so warm!

*Oba-san molests Yoshiki's hands*

F : Do this *wiggles fingers*

Y : *wiggles fingers*

F : Ah, you can play the piano. You have no problem with inflammation of the tendon. There isn't a piano here? There's no drums here too?

M : Air...Air piano... As if!


F : Then, about marriage...

Y : Ah, chomibukai (Don't know what's he saying here.)

F : This year...it's this year.

Y : Am I going to marry this year?

F : No, this year...within three years you will definitely meet a really good person. After you meet, you'll marry within five years. If you're faster, it's three years.

Y : I've yet to meet the person.

F : Are you satisfied with the person you've met now?

Y : Well, I've yet to meet the person, right?

F : *to Yoshiki* Isn't it? You still don't know. You've come all the way here as a bachelor, so the beautiful relationship which will really end that...how about that?

F : *to Takki, the guy in white* It was the same for Takki. (More ramble ramble ramble, which I don't get.)

F : What are you smiling about?

M : Did you think of something?

F : Come back to Japan. (I think she's asking him to come back and rest in Japan, and maybe he'll be able to create a different melody for his songs.)


F : You still have a lot of talent. I'll be waiting.

Y : I'll work hard.


M : (ramble ramble ramble)....how was it?

Y : Ah, it was good.

F : Please listen to one more thing. When it comes to fashion, songs, or anything else, we have a level of sense that we don't realize.

Y : Hai.

F : Please give life to it. It's not just the sound. Am I wrong?

Y : I'm happy that you say that to me.

F : For example let's look at his shoes.

(Rambling about his shoes. Something about it being Yoshiki's own unique sense, and the oba-san thinks it's great. I think Yoshiki said he designed it himself.)

F : I'm sorry, it is okay for me to ask something of you? Could you give me that sunglasses?

Y : I'll give it to you. It is okay to do that after this?

M : Is this program going to end with an extortion? That was smooth! You asked for it in that way.

* * *
ThanX for English translation
Категория: Interview | Translated by XMoonlightX | 2008.11.20 | Author: chikotori
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