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[08.11.16] Interview from Sankei News online ~[YOSHIKIs 3] X JAPAN
Disclaimer: This is an amateur fan translation, done by a fan for international fans of YOSHIKI and X JAPAN. No persons were paid or receive funding from its posting.
The original Japanese text is owned by Sankei News online.


  Photo of YOSHIKI (leader of X JAPAN) taken at Chiyoda district in Tokyo on the 7th
(of this month)


Kiss Alive! 地獄の狂獣 was the album that opened my eyes.
Known as the founders of Visual-kei rock, in the 90s X JAPAN set in motion a social phenomenon. After a 10 year break they played a 3 day reunion show in March and are about to prove their hunger on the world stage. We ask band leader YOSHIKI (drummer and pianist) if he could (only choose 3), which 3 albums he would choose.

YOSHIKI: ‘The first LP a bought was one that had Chopin on one side and Beethoven on the other. You see, up until 5th grade elementary school only listened to classical music…’

That same YOSHIKI chose American band Kiss’s 1975 Alive ~地獄の狂獣~ album (1975) as his first choice. The Detroit live recording became infamous and still remains a part of Rock history.
YOSHIKI continues: ‘Listening to this album opened my eyes to the world of rock. We (X JAPAN) were heavily influenced by their hard rock band wears makeup concept.’

The 2nd album (YOSHIKI chose) was 1971 Ledzepplin IV by British band, Led Zeppelin, an album that needs no introduction. A disc loaded with rock classics such as ‘Stairway to Heaven’, ‘Rockin Roll’, ‘Black Dog’ YOSHIKI commented, ‘Even listening to it today brings shivers down my spine’.

And for the 3rd.
YOSHIKI: ‘aa, I’m tossing up between Sex Pistols and…’, after a bit of thought he chose English heavy metal band, Iron Maidens 1981 ‘Killers’ album.
YOSHIKI: ‘Everything from the speedy sound to the horror film esq album art, the whole package was completely shocking, wasn’t it?’. 


ThanX for English translation (Danny Rosenbaum)

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