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[2008.09.18] Yoshiki’s press conference in “Ta-Lui-Party”, Bangkok, Thailand
Note: this press conference was dedicated to the announced concert in Thailand (on January 31th, 2009). Due to the political situation in the country the concert was postponed to unknown date. 
MC – interviewer
Y – Yoshiki
MC: How are you feeling today after a long flight and there you are also got all the excitement of the fans here.
Y: Feel like I’m dreaming. *laughing*
MC: Oh!
Y: Ah… I feel very good and very excited.
MC: Was everybody as you’d expected?
Y: More than I was expected.
MC: Ok, well. Let’s ask something about the concert, upcoming concert, right? So it will be held on 31st of January of the coming year. And you were mentioning early year that a new album is about to be produced. Are you going to perform those new singles and new songs from new album as well?
Y: I think so, yeah. Most likely.
MC: Oh, that will be great. So we can look forward to hear the new music.
Y: Yes.
MC: OK. What is your inspiration like, you know, to make music? What inspires you the most?
Y: Everything from the life, you know: sadness, happiness, those thing, those emotions make me wanna write song.
MC: Usually, are you more inspired by, you know, the songs like… it’s really emotional and everything. And you actually mix between classical stuff and also as well like rock. Why did you do that?
Y: Yeah. Some people may think it’s kinda, you know, two different world, but ah… I started play the piano when I was very young like 4 or 5 years old. I played drums when I was 9 or 10. So my background is kinda classical music first, then I started listening to rock. It’s come.. both genre come to me naturally then, so… I don’t know, to me it’s very natural. It’s very good way to express the emotion like take it to journey like hard side and soft side if you use both sides in rock and classical music, so then I love using both classical and rock music.
MC: You like to make the fusion of it, just like, you know, tissues dress and stuff like that.
Y: *smiles* Exactly, exactly.
MC: Ok, well. The last but not least. I would like you to invite all our X JAPAN fans here in Thailand to go and see your concert.
Y: Oh, that’ll be great. That will be great. *smiles* I’m very looking forward to see you, guys.
MC: OK. Just tell them something… why does you feeling… what others can see anything special what they do not usually expect?
Y: Well, ah… as for me to say about… something like the greatest concert ever. *shy and smile* I promise.
MC: OK. Thank you very much.
Y: *bows and smiles*
Категория: Interview | Translated by XMoonlightX | 2009.01.20
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