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[08.10.31] Sanspo news article - FINAL ~to end our pain~
Disclaimer: This is an amateur fan translation, done by a fan for international fans of YOSHIKI and X JAPAN. No persons were paid or receive funding from its posting.
The original Japanese text is owned by Sanspo news.


Popular rock band X JAPAN’s plans for the start to their world tour on November 11th in France were unveiled on the 30th (of October). The tour is set to total $10 million US (approx), and the band is close to signing a contract with the world’s largest promotion company, that has previously handled the likes of Madonna (aged 50) and Michael Jackson (age 50).

Moreover, although only the start (of the tour), the Paris live will carry the profound title of ‘FINAL’, hinting at the possibility of disbandment. A title that will no doubt prove to be a huge talking point among fans. Could there be a disbandment announcement on the opening day of the band’s longed awaited world tour!?

More news surrounding the tour. Details revealed for the November 22nd Paris live at Bercy Sports Centre were to be finalized (by the 30th of this month). According to an inside source, the band is ready to sign a deal with either US promotion agency ‘LIVE NATION’ or ‘AEG’, both of which are among the worlds largest promotional groups. Usually, world tours employ a local promotion agency for each leg of the tour however, X JAPAN will stick with the 1 agency to promote the entire world tour. Befitting their extraordinary $10 million US (approx) budget for the tour.

They will take with them the entire set and equipment from the March Tokyo Dome 3day reunion concerts, and change their performances to mach each atmosphere and place that they visit. The Paris live title, chosen by YOSHIKI to reflect his struggle/pain, will be called 'FINAL ~ to end our pain ~'. A title that is even more likely to be taken as indication of disbandment.

Up until now the band has postponed tour dates and has yet to announce a release date for their CD. A person close to the band has commented: 'I think this is a sign that they want to end things here (with this tour)'.

In a recent interview with Sankei Sports YOSHIKI made various references to disbandment with comments like ‘This world tour could be the last...and 'In the end we’re gonna leave one last flower blooming’. 

The band will begin rehearsing in Japan early next month, and leave for Paris around the 20th of November. With the band finally realizing their dream of going on a world tour, it’s hard to know just how to interpret this thought provoking title…

One thing for sure, the movements and announcements of the band will certainly be of keen interest from here on.

(c) , October 31st 2008

ThanX for English translation (Danny Rosenbaum)
Категория: Miscellaneous | Translated by His[Majesty]Queen | 2008.11.20
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